NAIAS Introduction

These are the pictures we took at the NAIAS introduction of the S2000. We didn't know the car was going to be there... and we were fascinated to see it live and in person!

We were shocked to see it in person.. we had been following it with great interest via spy pictures in various car magazines. It was stunning in appearance, very clearly something very special and significant for Honda. We had a Christopher Walken-esque experience: "I knew I must possess her".

We were not a particular fan of Honda at the time... just neutral. We admired their corporate "personality"... a need to lead and to be different from the rest in Japan. Their products didn't particularly interest us at the time. The NSX, for example, was unapproachable and had some issues. But the S2000 changed all that (for a lot of people, including us). This was clearly a very emotional labor of love for the corporation, it was a change back to it's roots in the sixties when the first S400/600/800s were created and Honda began participating in Grand Prix events. A very pure sportscar, a true sportscar, without compromise. And it would be a good car for us, because clearly we were very sick of the same-old cars we'd been driving forever. As an instructor in High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) events, we needed (and still need) to get differing perspectives by driving a wide range of cars on the track at speed. We believe that instructors should have experience in a wide variety of cars so that they can leverage those experiences to more clearly explain to students and hows and whys. This was the car that would take we away from the paradigms of the past.


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