Introduction: 1966 Honda S600 Roadster

The S500, S600, and S800 Roadsters and hardtops are the predecessor of the S2000. The 1966 model shown here had a .606 liter engine that revved to a redline of 9500 RPM, backed up with a 4-speed manual transmission. When you see the car run, when you hear it, and when you drive it you immediately are taken with how much it sounds like and drives like an S2000. Although the 0-60 is well over 13 seconds, and the top speed is only 90 MPH (versus 5 seconds flat and a top speed of the high 150s for the S2000).

The S600 was preceded by the half-liter S500, and followed by the S800 - the last of the line. Lack of emissions certify-ability and future crash standards would kill the car, and the concept wouldn't return for 30 years. Nonetheless, 13000 S600s were produced and the improved S800 was also very successful. It is thought that less than 20 were imported into the United States, and it's not known how many survive.

The S600 pictured here is located at the Lane Museum in Nashville, TN. It is completely unrestored, and is driven on occasion (as are nearly all of the cars in the Lane Museum).