The S2K Shrine


Japan - 2004 Honda full dealer brochure

In Japan, Honda vehicles are sold locally by Verno.

Note that is not an Acura brand in Japan. Many of the cars and SUVs you see in this brochure are sold in the US - some as Acuras and most as Hondas. However, many of the vehicles shown are not sold in the US at all, and some not outside of Japan.

The Acura RSX is still known in Japan as the Honda Integra. There is an R model sold, with a high output engine, Recaro interior, Brembo brakes, and unique suspension tuning.


The Inspire is our Accord. What we know as the Accord Coupe isn't shown at all.

The NSX is sold in Japan under the Honda brand. Except for badging, it's identical to ours.



The S2000 is also identical, except for a navigation system option and a couple of additional Modulo add-ons. And several colors we don't get. You can even order the S2000 with your choice of a series of special unique colors and paints.