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Japan - 2004 S2000 Dealer Brochure

Cover. The brochure is printed in high gloss, and measures approx. 225mm x 297mm. There are 34 pages with many color pictures and detailed text covering the technical highlights of the car.
This is a color we don't get in the US - a handsome dark gray with a red interior.
The dealer add-ons are handled slightly differently in Japan - they are sold under the Modulo brand.

The front, rear, and side spoilers have always been sold in the Unites States as Honda dealer installed options. The Modulo wheels have unfortunately never been sold here.

Modulo also added headrest speakers for 2004 - a dealer installed option that is offered in the US as well.

I have a separate Modulo catalog from an earlier year.



All 2004 S2000s are hand-built in Takanezawa, Japan.