The S2K Shrine


Honda Open Sports

Source: Japan  Language: Japanese   161 pages

Front Cover.

This book was a great find. Hundreds of images and drawings of all of Hondas famous "open cars".

Included here:

  • S500
  • S600
  • S800
  • Beat
  • NSX
  • CR-X del sol
  • S2000

The book covers mostly the S2000, and was written at the time of it's introduction. The rest of the cars are there to show the heritage behind the S2000.

Back Cover

Honda ad.

Chapters include hundreds of details photos, all in color.

I included this page because it includes a picture of the Nav system not offered in the US.

A little-known aspect of the development of the S2000 is the extraordinary strength of the a-pillar. Combined with the roll hoops behind the seats, it's very clear that Honda had safety as a priority.
There are also pictures of the unique unibody structure of the S2000.
And of the original; assembly line. The S2000 is built completely by hand.
The remainder of the book (about 1/4rd) covers the other cars in great detail.

I've included this page because it shows the exhaust system of the original Honda S80-0. I've never seen so complex a system, designed to extract every bit of torque possible from the .8 litre powerplant.