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Hyper-Rev S2000 vol. 46

The Hyper Rev magazine is usually one of the first things an enthusiast encounters from Japan. I'll say up front that there is absolutely nothing like it in the US. It contains a series of articles covering it's subject in depth and with numerous examples. Then it's followed by stories of cars and their modifications. The majority of the book is devoted to aftermarket parts lists - including specs and pictures - or nearly every car manufactured for the car at the time the book is published. For the S2000, coming to the US in relative obscurity (in terms of aftermarket support), this is the "bible" of modifications. I recommend this be your first purchase when starting a build-up program on your S2000.

In my collection, I have Hyper-Revs for the S2000, Supra, and Evo.

Front Cover


My source for Hyper Rev magazines in the US is the Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco (in the Japan Town shopping center). At the time I purchased this, it cost $28.

Back cover - a Honda ad for the car.
The book starts with stories of actual cars, their modifications, and how they perform.
It then continues on to in-depth and highly detailed pictures of the technical bits of the car - in this case the F20C engine. You won't find details like this elsewhere.
Then there is a section on tuning, with in-depth detail covering the WHY in addition to the HOW. Thsi is excellent material for the enthusiast just starting on his or her car.
The rest of the book is split into sections, each covering specific areas. The suspension section lists dozens of shock absorber/coilovers. Nearly none of them are available in the US, unfortuantely.