The S2K Shrine


VTEC Sports: VTEC & Type R Magazine Vol. 8

Source: Japan, Language: Japanese. Date of publish: Winter 2003.

Front Cover

I hadn't been to the West Coat on business in several months, and therefore hadn't had a chance to visit Kinokuniya Bookstore to see what they had in stock.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a very rare copy of VTEC Sports.

The S2000 is covered in some detail, but the focus is split across all VTEC type cars. Modification and racing are the theme.

Back Cover

The back cover shows an ad for the new Accord in Japan. We see this here in the US as the Acura TSX. In Japan, the car has an much wider range of options, including a "Euro Type R" option, and both 2.0 and 2.4 liter engines.

It's a very handsome car, in my opinion more so than the TSX.

Amongst the many topics covered are a series of racing schools across Japan.

Japan has a *lot* of race tracks for it's size.

Here's an extensive article showing a new header for the S2000, and it's gain on the dyno.

Note the neat cold air intake, too!