The S2K Shrine


Over the years of this hobby, we've put together a considerable library of stuff - dealer brochures, books, and other collectibles. When we purchased the first S2000, we started acquiring these types of things for the S2000... it quickly grew out of control. It's now the largest single model-specific section of my library.

We've exhibited the collection of material twice: once at a local S2000 movie night and again at the 2003 S2KCA national convention. It was clear we had some unique items. The local S2000 club has dubbed this collection the "S2K Shrine". It may well be the largest collection of S2000 "stuff" in the country.  It numbers well over 190 items currently.

After a considerable amount of scanning and organizing, we've only now started adding images of the collection to the website. My eventual goal: get it all scanned, find out what's missing, and above all share it with other S2000 enthusiasts. It's not done yet - much more needs to be scanned for here... "stay tuned"...

The Shrine is organized by type of material:

Dealer Brochures - Outside US


Dealer Brochures - US
  • 2000 US
  • 2001 US
  • 2002 US
  • 2004 US
  • 2005 US
  • 2006 US
  • 2007 US
  • 2008 US
Photographic Tours
Dealer Materials  


Marketing & Advertising Materials 
Press Materials 
  • Printed 2001 Honda press pack


Magazine Articles  (coming soon)
  • Car & Driver
  • Road & Track
  • EVO
  • Car
  • Motor Trend
  • Sports Car
  • AutoWeek
Model Kits 
  • Tamiya 1:24 scale - plastic kit
  •  various
  •  2000
  •  2000
  •  Japanese edition BMs
  •  Dealer Training video
  •  Special introductory BM covering launch of S2000
Enthusiast Group Generated Materials
  • S2KCA Days 2003 - CD Holder
  • S2KCA Days 2003 - Portfolio
  • Washington state owners CDs (2)
  • Video
  • Book
Other related items of interest   
  • Japan Integra R brochure
  • Mitsubishi EVO VI, VII, VIII. IX, and X factory brochures in Japanese
  • Nissan Skyline R33, R34, and R35 brochures
  • Australia - Mitsubishi EVO VIII Press Pac
  • Honda Beat model    (new!)